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Delivering What You Do Best

With clarity come solutions.

Clients are endlessly changing expectations for deliverables while labs are trying to meet their needs while still concentrating on what they do best. This leads to dissatisfaction, frustration, slower turnaround and increased cost for both parties.

Lab Data Solutions was formed with the premise of alleviating these burdens on both labs and their clientele. We have the expertise required to implement solutions that will provide push-button applications providing labs with the capability to deliver data timely while meeting their client’s quality standards.

The autoTVD

Automating the transformation, validation and delivery of lab data to meet sponsor specs – clean data transfers the first time.


Driving the clinical trial data process with intelligent use and organization of data standards.


Lowering costs, decreasing turnaround times and improving overall data quality through the use of technology and automation.


Managed data management resource available when, and only when, you need it.

What we do


  • Lab to Sponsor (LIMS to Dataset) Automation
  • Formatted to Spec and Fully Validated
  • Local and Cloud Based Solutions
  • Real Time Data Validation Eliminating Need for Local or EDC Based Edit Checks
  • Delivered to Sponsor in any Format to Any Specification Including SDTM (CDISC)

Safety Lab

  • Lab to Sponsor (LIMS to Dataset) Automation
  • Tools / Views (LIMS Views) and Access to Data Typically Available Only With Central Lab
  • Formatted to Spec and Fully Validated
  • Local and Cloud Based Solutions
  • Reference Range Integration and Notification Services
  • SI Unit Conversion
  • Integration into EDC System or Standalone Data Validation and Query Management

Data Management

  • Functional Solutions
  • Automated Solutions
  • Managed Services
  • Data Extraction, Transformation, SAS Programming


  • MDR Consulting
  • MDR Cloud / Sharing Solutions Including MDR Share
  • Metadata Driven Automation – from Protocol to Report and Analysis


4052 Burwell Heights Road
Beaumont, TX 77701